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The World of Textiles Awaits

It's a multibillion-dollar global industry that's integrated into everything we do — and you could drive the field's next big advancements.

Leading the Way in Textiles Education

Textiles are all around us: from the playing field to the runway, shielding first responders from danger or even shoring up a human heart. At the Wilson College of Textiles, we teach you to apply textiles thinking to the grand challenges facing our world.

By the time you leave here, you’ll know there are thousands of ways to use what you’ve learned in a career that you’ll love. And because ours is the only college on this continent solely focused on textiles, our graduates are among the most sought-out anywhere.

The Partner of Choice

NC State was built to create prosperity. Since 1899, the Wilson College of Textiles has shared that mission. As the only college in North America dedicated to textiles, we’re the destination of choice for anyone who needs textiles expertise — including some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Student working on a loom
Undergraduate research for class credit? Count us in!

PCC 490 is a course offered to students majoring in polymer and color chemistry looking to get hands-on experience with a faculty member.

To learn more about Madi’s sustainability research in PCC 490, check out our latest YouTube video, linked in bio 🔗
An archive that soothes the soul ♨️

Housed right in #NCStateWilson, the Max A. Weaver Dye Library holds over 90,000 unique dye samples and fabrics that provide the chemical map necessary for developmental research.  Associate Professor Nelson Vinueza, an analytical chemist at #NCState, has been digitizing the molecular structure of each carefully preserved dye sample over the past few years for researchers to help scientists around the world with research in forensics, degenerative diseases and more.

Click the link in bio to get a better glimpse of this aesthetically pleasing archive!
Hey Wilson, what’s your favorite class??

Gentry Rogers and Savannah Holmes, juniors in fashion and textile management, enjoyed FTM 387: textile brand communications and promotions with Associate Professor Delisha Matthews last semester. They have learned important industry knowledge as well as some fun facts about sneaker heads! 👟📊

Learn more about our fashion and textile management degree at our link in bio!
Let’s take a trip down memory lane at our FTD seniors picnic! 🌼🌱

We asked our ‘24 fashion and textile design students what their favorite memory or technique was that they learned during their time here at Wilson!

What is your favorite experience at Wilson?