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Student working in a lab.


Every day, students at the Wilson College of Textiles conduct research that makes the world around us more sustainable, safer and more inclusive. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of textiles, they tackle grand challenges in a variety of ways, from marketing and management to polymer science. 

It’s this ability to conduct and apply innovative research that helps our alumni consistently land top positions in research and development (R&D) and academia around the world. 

The Wilson College of Textiles offers two doctoral programs and four master’s programs. With 235 graduate students and an active graduate student association, new graduate students immediately become a part of a close community. Classmates become friends and faculty become valuable mentors. 

While our community may be small, our resources and reputation are anything but. The Textiles Complex alone boasts over 200,000 square feet of teaching, research and manufacturing spaces — including 68 unique laboratories. As a student on Centennial Campus, you’ll be surrounded by innovation in both academia and industry.