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Ph.D. Forms

Oral Prelim / Final Exam Form

  1. Students need to send the DGP and their committee a pdf version of the appropriate final, nearly error-free documents at least 17 days  before requested exam date;  
  2. The student’s advisor must email the DGP stating that the document is complete subject to the outcome of the oral defense and providing approval of the exam request; . 
  3. The Request to Schedule Exam form must be approved by DGP and submitted to the Graduate School at least 14 days before the requested exam date (as required by the Graduate School).

Remote Oral Exam Form

After a Plan of Work is approved, a committee modification form is required to make any changes to a student’s committee. 

Change Degree Status or Curriculum Form

Graduate students in good academic standing may change their degree level or degree program after the completion of one semester. Students can use the Change of Degree Status or Curriculum Form to 

  • add an academic plan (en route master’s, co-majors, multiple master’s, etc)
  • change an academic plan (curriculum, degree, etc), 
  • delete an academic plan (if student has multiple active academic plans)

International students who have had a degree level/program approved must obtain a new I-20 from the Office of International Services. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires a new visa when an academic program changes.

More details can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook.

External / Consultant Appointment Form

A faculty member from another university (who is not an interinstitutional graduate faculty member) or a professional from industry or government with credentials comparable to those required for membership on the graduate faculty, may serve as an external member, in addition to the number of committee members normally required (four for doctoral degrees and three for master’s degrees). A person from industry, a governmental agency, or a university may, upon recommendation of the committee and the DGP, serve as a technical consultant along with the required committee members.

Inter-Institutional Appointment Form

A member of the graduate faculty from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or Duke University may serve as one of the required committee members when appropriate. Members of professional programs at these institutions, such as faculty at the School of Law or Medical School at UNC or Duke, cannot serve automatically unless their appointment at their respective institution explicitly states that they are on the graduate faculty.

Leave of Absence Form

Students in good academic standing who must interrupt their enrollment may, with a strong justification, request a leave of absence from graduate study for up to two semesters within a given graduate degree program. Students should initiate the request with their advisor and have it approved by their DGP before its submission to the Graduate School. The time spent on an approved leave of absence will be included in a degree’s time limit; i.e., the degree “clock” does not stop, nor is it reset.

Audit Request

Required for all students wishing to audit a graduate course.

Graduate School Forms

Forms for International Students

The following are the most frequently used forms by our international students. For a more comprehensive list of forms for international students or questions related to visa status, please visit the Office of International Services.