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FTD Application

Application Steps

Step 1: Submit your online admissions application to NC State by November 1.

Step 2: Submit supporting application materials (high school transcripts, college transcripts, standardized test scores – optional, fee, etc.).

Step 3: Upload portfolio into SlideRoom of 10 recent images in .jpg format with descriptions and annotations.

Step 4: Upload essay in .doc, .docx or .pdf format into SlideRoom.

FTD Online Portfolio

After you submit your online application to NC State, you will be provided a link to the portfolio and essay submission portal.

Image Formatting

All images, including patterns, designs, photographs and drawings must be uploaded in .jpg format. Most cameras are able to take pictures in . jpg format.

Here are some tips for taking quality photos of your work:

  • Have good lighting when you take a pictures of your work. Taking it on a sunny day outside is a good idea as long as you aren’t getting shadows or direct sun in the images. Inside pictures without good lighting can appear grainy.
  • Your work should be the main focal point of the picture and should not be surrounded by a lot of background.
  • The reviewer should be able to see your work in full frame.

Review your files carefully before uploading them to the submission portal.

Please do not email any portfolio images to anyone in the Wilson College of Textiles or in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


Selected applicants will be invited to interviews that will take place in December, in the Hunt Library on Centennial Campus. During the interviews, applicants will be asked to discuss their work as well as other character indicators such as: diversity, collaboration, leadership potential, independent thinking, ability to explain and critically evaluate work, and motivation to create objects that solve human needs.

Fashion and Textile Design is a Bachelor of Science program that requires students to complete math and science courses in addition to design studios and labs. A strong math and science background is important for admission to and success in this program. For this reason, applicants are encouraged to take courses such as chemistry and college preparatory math while in high school.