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The World of Textiles Awaits

It's a multibillion-dollar global industry that's integrated into everything we do — and you could drive the field's next big advancements.

Leading the Way in Textiles Education

Textiles are all around us: from the playing field to the runway, shielding first responders from danger or even shoring up a human heart. At the Wilson College of Textiles, we teach you to apply textiles thinking to the grand challenges facing our world.

By the time you leave here, you’ll know there are thousands of ways to use what you’ve learned in a career that you’ll love. And because ours is the only college on this continent solely focused on textiles, our graduates are among the most sought-out anywhere.

The Partner of Choice

NC State was built to create prosperity. Since 1899, the Wilson College of Textiles has shared that mission. As the only college in North America dedicated to textiles, we’re the destination of choice for anyone who needs textiles expertise — including some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Student working on a loom

Celebrating Black History Month

Learn about the people who broke boundaries at the Wilson College of Textiles and meet the people making Black history today.

Harold Freeman looks at a model molecule.
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