Incoming First-Year Textile Student Scholarships

The College of Textiles has one of the largest college-based scholarship programs at NC State University. The majority of scholarship support comes from the North Carolina Textile Foundation. The North Carolina Textile Foundation (NCTF) was established in December 1942 to aid and promote all types of textile education and research at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. One of the most important forms of support provided for the College of Textiles by the Foundation is the Scholarship Program. Established by the board of directors in 1980, the program has four components: the NCTF Centennial Scholars Program (created in 1999), NCTF Scholarships, NCTF Prestige Scholarships, and the NCTF Merit Graduate Fellowship Program.

Scholarship Opportunities

ITT Centennial Scholarship: $97,500 over four years

The Institute of Textile Technology continues to provide its “tradition of excellence” to the textiles industry through its alliance with the College of Textiles and the NC Textile Foundation by funding the ITT Centennial Scholarship. The Institute’s Mission is to provide leaders for the textile industry through education; therefore helping the textile industry meed today’s challenges and to remain competitive. The Institute continues to serve the role originally assigned by its founding members by offering the ITT Centennial Scholarship to students majoring in Textiles at NC State.

Following the interview process for the normal Centennial Scholarship program, one candidate out of the top ten highest ranked applicants will be chosen to receive the ITT Centennial Scholarship for up to $97,500 over four years. To be considered, students need only apply for the Centennial Scholarship through the normal process.

Centennial Scholarships: $67,500 over four years

Introduced by the North Carolina Textile Foundation in 1999 as a part of the College of Textiles’ Centennial Celebration.  Centennial scholarships provide a minimum of $15,000 per year for four years. Centennials are awarded to incoming freshmen one the basis of academic achievement in high school, proven and potential leadership qualities, extracurricular activities and unique life experiences. The scholarship also provides $7,500 as a special enrichment fund that may be used for study abroad, leadership programs, career explorations or other approved enrichment activities. All Centennial Scholars take part in a unique honor class offered during the first year.

Students must be nominated by their high school or self-nominate between October 1st – end of November.

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NCTF Distinguished Merit Scholarships: $20,000 over four years

A four-year scholarship with a $5,000 annual award. This scholarship is given to those students who are finalists and the next highest ranked candidates for the Centennial Scholarship.

Prestige Scholarships: $4,000 – $10,000 over four years

Offered to the next highest-ranking candidates who were not awarded Centennial or NCTF scholarships. Prestige scholarships are $1,000 – $2,500 per year for four years.


These awards are based on the merit qualifications of the scholar without regard to financial need. Advancement in the scholarship process will depend on the following criteria: demonstrated high academic achievement throughout high school, proven and potential leadership qualities, active participation in extracurricular activities throughout high school, and unique experiences.


Applicants must have applied by the early action admissions deadline, October 15th, and be qualified for admission to NC State University. All students awarded any form of scholarship from the College of Textile must commit to a baccalaureate program of study in the College of Textiles, but a non-textiles major is not required during the scholarship application process.

Nomination Process

High School Nomination

Each academic year, the College of Textiles will solicit North Carolina high schools and selected out-of-state high schools for applicant nominations. Every high school can nominate a maximum of two candidates for the Centennial Scholars Program. All high school nominations are due to the College of Textiles by November 15*.

Self Nomination

Between October 1st and December 1st*, any student not already nominated by their high school can self-nominate to apply for the Centennial Scholarship. The self-nomination application for the 2017 Centennial Scholarship has closed.

All complete Centennial Scholarship applications should be submitted online 5:00pm EST on December 1.*

Following the selection process, finalists will be notified and invited to attend the Centennial Scholars weekend and interview (typically in late January). The top ranked candidates from the interview process will be offered Centennial Scholarships. The next highest ranked candidates will be offered the NCTF Scholarships and the NCTF Prestige Scholarships following.

*When December 1 falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline for Centennial Scholarship Applications will be 5:00pm EST on the Monday following December 1.

Current Textile Student Scholarships

A limited number of scholarships may be available to current textile students through the College of Textiles after the Centennial Scholars deadline. Applications that are received after December 1 will only be considered if additional scholarships become available.



Additional Scholarship and Financial Aid Information