Eunkyoung Shim

Eunkyoung Shim

Assistant Professor, TECS

Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science
Textile Technology

  • Office: College of Textiles 3316
  • Phone: 919-515-4574
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Hollowness Variation with Die Wall Thickness in Melt-Spinning of Polypropylene Hollow Fibers
Ruckdashel, R., & Shim, E. (2022, April 11), FIBERS AND POLYMERS, Vol. 4.
Synthesizing heat transfer factors on thermal bonding structure of mineral added polypropylene spun-bond
Wei, W., Shim, E., Song, Y., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2022, January 10), JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, Vol. 139, p. 52138.
Experimental Investigation of the Fiber Formation Process and Web Structures Using an Annular Meltblowing Spinneret
Barilovits, S., Khan, S. A., & Shim, E. (2021), INDUSTRIAL & ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY RESEARCH, 9.
Fabrication of Poly(lactic acid) filter media via the meltblowing process and their filtration performances: A comparative study with polypropylene meltblown
Jafari, M., Shim, E., & Joijode, A. (2021), SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY, 260.
Modeling the Triboelectric Behaviors of Elastomeric Nonwoven Fabrics
Wang, Y., Shim, E., He, N., Pourdeyhimi, B., & Gao, W. (2021, November 8), ADVANCED MATERIALS, Vol. 11, p. 2106429.
Process‐structure‐property relationship of meltblown poly ( styrene–ethylene / butylene–styrene ) nonwovens
Yu, Y., & Shim, E. (2021), Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 138(16), 50230.
Structure characterization of the clogging process of coarse fibrous filter media during solid particle loading with X-ray micro-computed tomography
Structure-property relationship of melt spinning polypropylene fibers containing inorganic particulate CaCO3 fillers
Wei, W., Shim, E., Barnes, W., & Pourdeyhimi, B. (2021). [Review of , ]. TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL.
A Study of Skin Physiology, Sensation and Friction of Nonwoven Fabrics Used in Absorbent Hygiene Products in Neutral and Warm Environments
Yin, L., Shim, E., & DenHartog, E. (2020), Biotribology, 24, 100149.
Effects of melt spinning parameters on polypropylene hollow fiber formation
Ruckdashel, R., & Shim, E. (2020), Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, 15, 155892501989968.

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Development and Implementation of Geotextile Filters to Reduce Nutrient and Microbial Loading in Stormwater Runoff
Wake Forest University(7/01/21 - 6/30/22)
Effects of Polymer Rheology on Meltblowing Fiber Formation Process and Fiber Diameter Distribution
NCSU Nonwovens Institute(8/16/19 - 8/15/22)
Stretchable Electronics for Sensing and Energy Storage
COT Research Opportunity Seed Fund (ROSF)(1/03/17 - 6/30/17)
3D Analysis of Filter Media Structures and their Impacts on Filtration Behaviors
NCSU Faculty Research & Professional Development Fund(7/01/16 - 6/30/17)
High Performance Nonwovens For Healthcare Packaging
Bemis Company, Inc. (9/15/14 - 11/15/15)
Measurement of Fiber Dispersion in Aqueous Media
Schlumberger Technology Corporation (subsidiary of Schlumberger Limited)(11/01/13 - 9/30/14)
Review of Charging Technology
Taiwan Textile Research Institute(1/01/13 - 12/12/13)

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