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Bertha Chang

Associate Head, Collections & Research Strategy

Jenna Clayton

Temp Inst Suppt Tech/Paraprof

Andy Click

IT Instr/Class Supp Prof. II

Jenna DeCandio

Research Operation Manager-Exe

Carly Dressen

Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Stewardship

Jocelyn DuBose

Research Specialist-Nonexempt

Latoya Giles

University Program Specialist

Kam Heslop

Public Comm Specialist

Bryson Keen

Facilities Operations Project Coordinator

Ang Li

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Susan Llanos

Social Media Specialist

Heather Lyerly

Senior Director of Academic Services

Kirk Main

Director, IT and Operations

Mark Martin

Research Technician-Nonexempt

Patrick Nethery

Business and Technology Applications Analyst

Amanda Padbury

Director, Wilson College Communications and Marketing

Sam Pearce

Specialty Trades Technician

Lauren Reggi

Research Specialist-Nonexempt

Emily Richbourg

Human Resources Specialist

Kayla Rutledge

Temporary Executive Assistant to the Dean

Sarah Stone

Strategic Communications and Marketing Specialist

Tri Vu

Specialty Trades Technician

Teresa White

Research Operation Manager-Exe

Selina Williams

Scheduling Officer