John Morton-Aslanis

Research Associate, TPACC

Textile Protection and Comfort Center

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Advanced layering system and design for the increased thermal protection of wildland fire shelters
Nagavalli, A., Hummel, A., Akyildiz, H. I., Morton-Aslanis, J., & Barker, R. (2016), American society for testing and materials special technical, 1593, 102–116.
A method for determining off-gassing of protective fabrics exposed to simulated flash fire conditions
Bradham, A., Thompson, D., Barker, R., Morton-Aslanis, J., & Deaton, A. S. (2013), AATCC Review, 13(6), 57–65.
Development of instrumented manikin hands for characterizing the thermal protective performance of gloves in flash fire exposures
Hummel, A., Barker, R., Lyons, K., Deaton, A. S., & Morton-Aslanis, J. (2011), Fire Technology, 47(3), 615–629.

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