Mohamad Midani

Mohamad Midani

Adjunct Asst Professor

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About Mohamad Midani

Dr. Mohamad Midani is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University and an Assistant Professor at the Materials Engineering Department, German University Cairo. He is also the Managing Partner of Intexive consulting, Secretary General of the International Association of Palm Byproducts, and Member of the Advisory Board of Middle East Company for Textiles.


Dr. Midani’s research mostly focuses on natural fibers and their composites, as well as sustainable product development, circular bioeconomy and biorefineries. His research approach is based on development and commercialization of new technologies that help in the valorization of the underutilized local resources for sustainable development. He co-invented PalmFil fiber technology, which is the world’s first textile fiber and reinforcement extracted from the byproducts of pruning of date palms.

Read more about his research team at Intexive website

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. Fiber and Polymer Science, North Carolina State University, 2016
  • M.T. Textile and Apparel Technology and Management, North Carolina State University, 2012
  • B.S Mechanical Engineering, Ain Shams University, 2006


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Review on cellulosic fibers extracted from date palms (Phoenix Dactylifera L.) and their applications
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