Philip Bradford

Philip Bradford

Textile Engineering Program Director, TECS

Textile Engineering
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

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The Bradford Research group focuses its efforts on the synthesis of ultra-high aspect ratio carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and production of textile like structures from those unique CNTs. The CNT textiles are currently being explored in applications such as composites, sensors, electrodes and filtration.

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Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2010
  • M.S. Textile Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2007
  • M.S. Material Science and Engineering, North Carolina State University,
  • B.S. Textile Engineering, North Carolina State University, 2005


Development of hull material for high-altitude airship: A parametric study
Li, A., Vallabh, R., Bradford, P. D., Kim, D., & Seyam, A.-F. M. (2022, January 7), JOURNAL OF REINFORCED PLASTICS AND COMPOSITES.
Electrospun Carbon Nanotube-Based Scaffolds Exhibit High Conductivity and Cytocompatibility for Tissue Engineering Applications
Suh, T. C., Twiddy, J., Mahmood, N., Ali, K. M., Lubna, M. M., Bradford, P. D., … Gluck, J. M. (2022), ACS OMEGA.
Interconnected cathode-electrolyte double-layer enabling continuous Li-ion conduction throughout solid-state Li-S battery
Yan, C., Zhou, Y., Cheng, H., Orenstein, R., Zhu, P., Yildiz, O., … Zhang, X. (2022), ENERGY STORAGE MATERIALS.
Understanding the role of bond point strain in the mechanical response of nonwoven polypropylene materials
Garmabi, A., Elamin, M. A., Bradford, P. D., & Pankow, M. (2022, April 6), JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS.
Fabrication of scalable, aligned and low density carbon nanotube/silicon carbide hybrid foams by polysilazane infiltration and pyrolysis
Aly, K., Muhuri, A. K., & Bradford, P. D. (2021), JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY.
Length-dependent carbon nanotube film structures and mechanical properties
Zhang, L., Ma, X., Zhang, Y., Bradford, P. D., & Zhu, Y. T. (2021), NANOTECHNOLOGY, 32(26).
Low density, three-dimensionally interconnected carbon nanotube/silicon carbide nanocomposites for thermal protection applications
Aly, K., Lubna, M., & Bradford, P. D. (2021), JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, 41(1), 233–243.
One-step fabrication of bulk nanocomposites reinforced by carbon nanotube array fragments
Aly, K., Aboubakr, S. H., & Bradford, P. D. (2021, October 21), POLYMER COMPOSITES.
Toward Deterministic 3D Energy Storage Electrode Architectures via Electrodeposition of Molybdenum Oxide onto CNT Foams
Spencer, M. A., Yildiz, O., Kamboj, I., Bradford, P. D., & Augustyn, V. (2021), ENERGY & FUELS.
Ultra-lightweight fiber-reinforced envelope material for high-altitude airship
Vallabh, R., Li, A., Bradford, P. D., Kim, D., & Seyam, A.-F. M. (2021, June 28), JOURNAL OF THE TEXTILE INSTITUTE.

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High Efficiency Generation of Acoustic Modes in Optical Fibers
US Navy-Office Of Naval Research(7/01/20 - 6/30/23)
Homopolar Machines Enabled with Brushless Field Electron Emission Current Transfer
US Dept. of Energy (DOE) - Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E)(1/01/20 - 12/31/21)
Egyptian Government Scholarship for Ms. Walaa Yehia Enab
Egyptian Cultural & Educational Bureau (ECEB)(8/16/19 - 8/15/23)
Nanomanufacturing High Performance Energy Storage Electrodes through Oxide Electrodeposition in Carbon Nanotube Fabric Scaffolds
National Science Foundation (NSF)(9/01/19 - 8/31/23)
Large Component, High-quality Composite Fabrication Using Nanocarbon Heating Films
US Navy(10/22/18 - 4/05/19)
Nanostructured Heating for Curing of Composites
US Navy(10/23/17 - 3/21/18)
Study of Fiber Assemblies for Flexible and Breathable Thermal Conductors
NCSU Advanced Self Powered Systems of Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST) Center(9/01/16 - 8/31/19)
Carbon Nanotube Foam Composites for Energy Absorption
US Army - Army Research Office(5/01/16 - 1/31/18)
Multifunctional Ultralow Density Structures Based on Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sheets
US Air Force - Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)(9/30/16 - 9/29/19)
Formation of Full Scale Inflatable Laminated Envelope Fabric with Minimum Seam for High Altitude Stratosphere Non-Rigid Airship: Feasibly Study
SCEYE S.A. (formerly SCEYE II SARL)(10/01/15 - 3/31/19)


  • Materials Research Society
  • Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

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