Peter Hauser

Peter Hauser

Professor (retired), TECS

Polymer and Color Chemistry
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

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After receiving his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the Department of Chemistry at North Carolina State University, Dr. Hauser began a career as an industrial research chemist that spanned twenty four years and included positions with several textile manufacturers and textile chemical producers. He holds ten U.S. patents in the areas of soil release, flame retardancy, and low pollution dyeing. He has traveled extensively in the United States, Latin America, and China providing technical assistance to textile manufacturers in all areas of textile wet processing. In 1997, Dr. Hauser joined the faculty of the Wilson College of Textiles. He has published extensively in the textile chemistry literature and is the co-author of “Chemical Finishing of Textiles” published by Woodhead Publishing of Cambridge, England.



Use of Cationized Cotton to Improve Cotton Dyeing Processes

Chemical Finishes for High Performance Textiles

Repellent Finishes

Soil Release Finishes

Flame Retardant Finishes

Indigo Dyeing

Denim Garment Processing

Mathematical Modeling of Textile Wet Processes

Reducing Pollution from Textile Wet Processing

Use of Cyclodextrins in Textile Applications

Academic Degrees

  • B.S. , NC State University, 1969
  • Ph.D. , NC State University, 1974


EMN-17-S-E-XX, Corrosion Resistant Coating on Low-Emissivity Film Substrate
(1/12/17 - 5/13/17)
Nike Tricomponent Fiber Evaluation
(12/01/14 - 6/05/15)
Dyeing Properties of Ionized Cotton
(1/01/15 - 12/31/16)
Ultra-Violet Curable Process Chemistry for Functional Coatings on Textiles
(1/01/14 - 12/31/15)
High Efficiency Ultra-Deep Dyeings Via Mercerized and Cationized Cotton
(1/01/13 - 12/31/14)
High Efficiency Ultra Deep Dyeings Via Cationized Cotton
(3/01/13 - 12/31/15)
Capping and Modeling Cationized Cotton
(1/01/13 - 12/31/16)
Efficient, Low Temperature and Neutral Bleaching of Cotton
(1/01/13 - 12/31/15)
Measurement of Residual Warp Size on Medical Textiles
(12/01/12 - 1/31/13)
Combined Preparation-Cationization of Cotton Fabric
(11/30/-1 - 12/31/13)


  • American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists
  • American Chemical Society
  • Society of Dyers and Colourists
  • The Textile Institute

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