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Trevor Little

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Trevor J. Little is a Professor of Textile And Apparel Management in the Wilson College of Textiles at NC State University. He graduated from the University of Leeds, England with B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Textiles and has worked with CSIRO in Australia, Philadelphia Wilson College of Textiles and Science (now Philadelphia University), Danskin Inc., and NC State University since 1984. His research interests include functionally tailored textiles, nanofibers, developing and delivering products that meet current consumer demand, automated garment design, digital printing and electrotextiles.


The business of fashion worldwide employs an estimated 18 million people engaged in the production, design, and development of fashion. Currently, in the USA, over one million people are employed in the retailing of fashion and about 200,000 employed in fashion apparel production across the USA. Research for the fashion industry covers many different disciplines in both the technologies and management of manufacturing. An important aspect of fashion is how to design a continuous stream of new products is the least possible time so that the consumer has an increasing selection of product. Technology plays a crucial role to assist the designer in 2D, 3D, correct fit, pleasing drape, physiological and psychological comfort, functionally tailored performance and aesthetics. The ability to prepare prototypes and samples rapidly often provide a competitive advantage. Sourcing and logistics further enhance a firms ability to attract repeat business. My research interests include manufacturing and management, new product development, design for manufacturability, mass-customization, simulation,  technology development, and economic competitiveness.

Academic Degrees

  • Ph.D. Department of Textile Industries, University of Leeds, 1974
  • B.Sc. Textile Industries (Hons), University of Leeds, 1971
  • B.Sc. Textile Industries, University of Leeds, 1970


Can heterogeneous compression textile design reshape skin pressures? A fundamental study
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Dynamic ease evaluation for 3D garment design
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Stratified body shape-driven sizing system via three-dimensional digital anthropometry for compression textiles of lower extremities
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A critical review on compression textiles for compression therapy: Textile-based compression interventions for chronic venous insufficiency
Liu, R., Guo, X., Lao, T. T., & Little, T. (2017). [Review of , ]. Textile Research Journal, 87(9), 1121–1141.
Compression form-fitted athletic wear: Pressure performance, moisture management properties under different tension ratios, and corresponding psychophysical responses
Liu, R., Little, T., & Williams, J. R. (2014), Fibers and Polymers, 15(3), 632–644.
Difference in hydrophobic and hydrophilic multilayered systems
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Evaluation of elite athletes psycho-physiological responses to compression form-fitted athletic wear in intensive exercise based on 5ps model
Liu, R., Little, T., & Williams, M. E. (2012), Fibers and Polymers, 13(3), 380–389.
Textile design engineering within the product shape
Chapman, L. P., & Little, T. (2012), Journal of the Textile Institute, 103(8), 866–874.
Fiber-based nano drug delivery systems (NDDS)
Pourdeyhimi, B., Holmes, R., & Little, T. J. (2009). , .
Photoluminescent fibers and fabrics with high luminance and enhanced mechanical properties
Pourdeyhimi, B., & Little, T. J. (2006). , . Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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  • FTM 318 - Fashion Development Process ,
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