Wei Gao

Wei Gao

Associate Professor, TECS

Polymer and Color Chemistry
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science

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As an Associate Professor and University Faculty Scholar in the Fiber and Polymer Science program, Dr. Gao’s research interests lie at the interface between materials chemistry, textile engineering and renewable energy-related technologies, such as supercapacitors, batteries and fuel cells. Her current research directions include:

  1. Fiber-extrusion processes from two-dimensional materials for various applications
  2.  Yarn-shaped energy-storage devices and textile-based triboelectric nanogenerators
  3. Two-dimensional adsorbents for PFAS, orthophosphate, and heavy metals in wastewater.

For more details of her current research activities, please check https://sites.textiles.ncsu.edu/gao-research-group/


Academic Degrees

  • Postdoc. Materials Physics & Applications, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
  • Ph. D. Chemistry , Rice University,
  • M.S. Chemistry and Analytcial Chemistry, Nanjing University ,
  • B.S. Chemistry and Analytcial Chemistry, Nanjing University,


  • 301 - PCC: Textile Dyeing and Finishing ,
  • 414 - PCC: Textile Chemical Analysis , Spring
  • 763 - TMS: Characterization of Fiber-Forming Polymers , Fall
  • 464 - PCC: Polymer Chemistry Laboratory , Fall