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Andre West


Director, Zeis Textiles Extension

Textiles Complex 2437


Dr. Andre West is an Associate Professor and Director of The Zeis Textiles Extension (ZTE) at the Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University. He has been in the apparel business for over 40 years, in fashion trend forecasting, fashion design, textile design, manufacturing, retailing, and finally, in academic research and teaching. 

The researcher focuses primarily on integrating technology into the textile and apparel industry. This encompasses several key aspects, including consumer-oriented customization, 3-D virtual garment creation, AI-driven generative design, 3-D body scanning, and whole-garment knitwear. Furthermore, the researcher has adopted a holistic approach to his work, which is evidenced by his establishment of The Greater Good Textile Group, a student-led initiative at NC State University who are dedicated to sustainability in the textile industry while also being a supportive advocate for the ethical and humane treatment of industry workers.

The researcher has also received international recognition for collaborating with researchers from the CALS and the Entomology Department, which involved designing and producing mosquito-resistant clothing without harmful chemicals. His efforts in this area have garnered grant awards from the Department of Defense and others.

The researcher’s latest area of research focuses on developing sustainable fabrications and a circular textile economy. Specifically, he is exploring the use of hemp as an alternative fiber for military and commercial clothing to mitigate the negative impact of textiles on global warming and the fast fashion industry.


  • Fabrics and Garments  for Insect Vector Protection
  • Sustainability
  • Alternative Fibers
  • Advance Knitting Construction
  • Computerized Whole Garment Knitwear
  • 3-D Body Scanning
  • Aromatherapy/Essential oil-infused garments for health and well-being


  • Greater Good Textile Group Faculty Liason
  • Southern Textiles Association
  • International Textile and Apparel Association
  • Global One Health Academy

Recent Publications

  1. Luan, K., Kirkwood, E., Newman, Z., West, A., & DenHartog, E. (2022). New insight into flexural
    rigidity of multi-filaments yarn. Textile Research Journal.
  2. Li, J., Xia, S., West, A. J., & Istook, C. L. (2022). A 2d image body measurement system developed
    with neural networks and a color-coded measurement garment. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology.
  3. Cave, G. L., West, A. J., McCord, M. G., Koene, B., Beck, J. B., Deguenon, J. M., Luan, K. & Roe, R.
    M. (2022). Novel 3-D spacer textiles to protect crops from insect infestation and that enhance plant
    growth. Agriculture. 12, 498.
  4. Li, J., Xia, S., West, A. J., & Istook, C. L. (2022). Fashionable sportswear working as a body
    measurement collecting tool. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology.
  5. Luan K., West A. J., McCord M. G., DenHartog E. A., Shi Q., Bettermann I., Li J., Travanty N. V.,
    Mitchell R. D., Cave G. L., Strider J. B., Wang Y., Neumann F., Beck T., Apperson C. S., & Roe R. M.
    (2021). Mosquito-textile physics: A mathematical roadmap to insecticide-free, bite-proof clothing for
    everyday life. Insects. 12(7), 636.
  6. Deshpande, M. V., West, A. J., Bernacki, S. H., Luan, K., & King, M. W. (2020). Poly (ε-caprolactone)
    resorbable auxetic designed knitted scaffolds for craniofacial skeletal muscle regeneration.
    Bioengineering. 7, 134.
  7. Luan, K., West, A., DenHartog, E., & McCord, M. (2020). Auxetic deformation of the weft-knitted
    miura-ori fold. Textile Research Journal. 90(5-6), 617-630.
  8. Mouhamadou, C. S., Luan, K., Fodjo, B. K., West, A. J., McCord, M. G., Apperson, C. S., & Roe, R.
    M. (2020). Development of an insecticide-free trapping bednet to control mosquitoes and
    manage resistance in malaria vector control: A new way of thinking. Insects. 11, 732.
  9. Halbkat, L., Luan, K., Cave, G., McCord, M. G., Roe, M. R., DenHartog, E., Apperson, C. S., & West,
    A. J. (2019). Novel method for infusing fabric with a botanical repellent for protection against
    mosquitoes. Journal of the Textile Institute
  10. West, A. J., Istook, C. L., Porterfield, A. J., & Ghosh, T. K. (2017). A service-learning collaborative to
    build a sustainable enterprise for underprivileged women (SEuW). Journal of Textile Design Research
    and Practice. 5(1), 3-16.
  11. Chen J., West, A. J., Cheng, K., & King, M. A. (2017). Biodegradable knitted cardiac patch for
    myocardium regeneration using cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs). Journal of Donghua University.
    (Eng. Ed.), 34(2).
  12. West, A. J., & Annett-Hitchcock, K. E. (2016). The process of development of an herb-infused bag that
    regenerates aromatherapy textiles. The International Journal of Designed Objects. 5(2) ,17-30.
    DOI: 10.18848/2325-1379/CGP/v10i02/17-30

Graduate Projects

  • Ph.D. Co-Chair Jiayin Li  “The Evaluation of a 2D Measuring Garment for Accuracy in a Size Range and Customer Acceptance” Completed 2020
  • Ph.D. Co-Chair Sibei Xia “Predict 3D body measurements with 2D images” Completed 2018
  • M.S. Chair Zoe Newman  The impact of the introduction of hemp fiber into more sustainable knit footwear structures Completed 2020
  • M.S. Co-Chair Jacqueline Sewell  Addressing the Feasibility of Moving an Existing Cut and Sew Combat Shirt to Seamless Knitting Completed 2019
  • M.S. Chair Lilah Halbkat  “From Academic Research to Product Commercialization: Analyzing Academic Entrepreneurship in the Textile and Apparel Industry” Completed 2019
  • MS Chair – Ashley Gabel,  “Methodology for the Implementation of 3D Technologies in the Improvement of Athletic Wear” Completed 2015
  • MS Co-Chair Carly Mick, “The Effects of Digital Printers and Cutters on the Value Stream of United States, Textile Based, and Manufacturing” Completed 2015


Ed.D Organizational Leadership Argosy University 2012

MFA Visual Arts Miami International University of Art & Design 2009

BSc (hons) Degree with Honors Textiles Huddersfield University Huddersfield 1982

Area(s) of Expertise

3D Apparel CAD
3D Body Scanning
Fashion Design
Functional Textile Design
Mass Customization
Medical Textiles
Performance Textiles
Product Development
Textile Design