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Januka Budhathoki Uprety

Asst Professor

Textiles Complex 3116


Januka Budhathoki-Uprety is a polymer chemist with an interest in developing novel materials for applications in cutting-edge technologies. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology, Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry, and Ph.D. in Chemistry. Her Ph.D. research under the supervision of Professor Bruce Novak at North Carolina State University was focused on the design and synthesis of helical polycarbodiimide polymers. She completed her postdoctoral training at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, with her research focused in biomedical sciences developing bio-nanomaterials for disease diagnosis and therapy.Dr. Budhathoki-Uprety is the recipient of the MSK Society Scholar Prize (2018), Tow Postdoctoral Fellowship (2015-2018), ACS Graduate Student Travel Award (2011), Academic Excellence for Teaching Award, Kathmandu Model College (2003-2005).


Polymers and nanomaterials offer a wide range of capabilities in modern technologies in everyday life such as in healthcare, safety and comfort. Research in the Budhathoki-Uprety lab encompasses at the interface between chemistry, biology and material science utilizing the principles of organic and polymer synthesis, chemical biology, and nanotechnology. Her research team focuses on developing novel polymers, macromolecules, and nanomaterials, and their applications in biomedical field and environment in collaborative approach.

Specific research areas include:

  • Rational Polymer Design and Synthesis
  • Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine
  • Bio-sensors Development and Applications
  • Smart Biomedical Textiles


  • American Chemical Society
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Electrochemical Society
  • Nepal Chemical Society
  • Materials Research Society


  • PCC 106 – Polymer Chemistry and Environmental Sustainability, Spring
  • PCC 461  – Chemistry of Polymeric Materials, Fall
  • TC 561 – Organic Chemistry of Polymers, Fall


Postdoctoral Fellow Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Ph.D. Chemistry North Carolina State University

M.S. Chemistry Western Carolina University

M.Sc Organic Chemistry Tribhuvan University

B.Sc Chemistry, Botany and Zoology Tribhuvan University

Area(s) of Expertise

Medical Textiles
Polymer Science
Polymer/Fiber/Textile Processing
Textile Chemistry


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