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Rong Yin

Asst Professor

Textiles Complex 3313


Dr. Yin is an assistant professor at the Wilson College of Textiles, North Carolina State University. He serves as a youth editorial board member of Advanced Fiber Materials, a guest editor of Actuators and Frontiers in Chemistry, and a reviewer of more than 30 international journals. He is also a subcommittee member of the ASTM D37.07 Hemp Fiber Testing Standards, and consultant to several companies. Dr. Yin obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and his research interests include but not limited to wearable systems, flexible actuators and robots, fiber-based composites, advanced spinning technologies, modeling, characterization and prediction of textile processes, etc. Dr. Yin’s research has been funded by NSF, US Department of Defense, Hong Kong Innovation Fund, Advanced Functional Fabrics of the United States (AFFOA), North Carolina State University and related companies. The research group has published more than 40 papers in internationally renowned SCI journals.
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  • Hemp fiber characterization and processing
  • Innovative and sustainable spinning technology
  • Performance modeling of textile products and systems
  • Smart textiles and structures
  • Wearable electronics
  • Soft actuators and robots


  • Advanced Fiber Materials – Youth Editorial Board Member
  • Southern Textile Association  Member
  • National Hemp Growers Association  Member
  • ASTM D37.07 Hemp Fiber Initiative Subcommittee Member


  • TT327 – Yarn Production and Properties, Fall
  • TE301- Engineering Textile Structures I: Linear Assemblies, Fall
  • TT520 – Yarn Processing Dynamics, Fall
  • FPS792/TTM791 – Special Topics in Fiber Science, Spring
  • FPS801/TTM801 – Seminar

Additional Information

Positions of research assistant are available. Preference will be given to those who have research experience in textile technology, material science, chemistry, physics, and electronics or other related fields; and good GPA.

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Area(s) of Expertise

Fiber Science
Technical/Electronic Textiles/Wearables
Testing and Materials Evaluation
Textile Engineering
Textile Technology


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Date: 07/01/22 - 6/30/24
Amount: $251,899.00
Funding Agencies: Kanda Industries, LLC

The objective of this proposal is to develop hemp fiber reinforced composites for motorcycle parts to substitute current glass fiber composites of similar construction and specifications.

Date: 09/08/21 - 7/18/23
Amount: $133,897.00
Funding Agencies: US Navy

The objective of this project is to develop a high-performance hemp fabric with significant performance benefits so that military personnel??????????????????s mobility, maneuverability, survivability and performance in operations can be substantially improved. The major objective is to demonstrate the performance levels of hemp fabrics compared with the existing uniform fabrics. Hemp containing yarns and fabrics will be fabricated and tested.

Date: 10/19/21 - 12/15/22
Amount: $222,533.00
Funding Agencies: US Army

The overarching goal of this project is to enable engineered manufacturing of sewn and embroidered e-textiles. It can be achieved by conducting sewability assessment of commercially available conductive yarns and providing optimal sewing parameters to ensure electrical performance and mechanical durability.

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