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Sonja Salmon

Assoc Professor


Textiles Complex 3263



Inspired by Nature, my research team is engaged in new developments in biotech textiles and sustainable polymers, with special focus on enzyme-fiber interactions that enable increased utilization of bio-based materials for textile applications. Our work on enzyme-fiber interactions encompasses enzymatic modification, degradation and processing of fibers, enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of fiber-forming polymers, and enzyme immobilization in fibers for the development and production of a new class of materials we call Biocatalytic Textiles. We are exploring the properties, mechanisms, prototyping and use of bio-based and biocatalytic textiles for applications in desirable, sustainable textiles, CO2 gas management, water treatment and waste remediation.


  • TC567 (TC589) – Biobased Textile Materials and Processes , Fall
  • PCC471 – Chemistry of Biopolymers , Spring
  • PCC104 – Polymer and Color Chemistry Laboratory (occasionally)
  • PCC301 – Technology of Dyeing and Finishing (occasionally)
  • PCC302 – Technology of Textile Wet Processing (occasionally)
  • TC530 – Chemistry of Textile Auxiliaries (occasionally)
  • PCC490 – Undergraduate Research in Polymer and Color Chemistry , Fall and Spring
  • TC630 – Graduate Student Independent Study , Fall and Spring


  • American Chemical Society
  • American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists


Accomplishing real impact beyond one’s own reach requires collaboration with others, collaboration across disciplines, across geographies, languages, time zones and time lines. It requires hard work, a lot of laughter, and believing in things that at first seem impossible. We value our industry partnerships and strive to build relationships that result in successful outcomes for the students, the partners and the university.


PhD Fiber and Polymer Science North Carolina State University 1995

BS Textile Chemistry North Carolina State University 1989

Area(s) of Expertise

Dyeing and Finishing
Polymer Science
Polymer/Fiber/Textile Processing
Product Development
Textile Chemistry
Carbon Dioxide Capture


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